The rise and fall of the Content Creator

With the relaunch of this website and my decision to take my online identity a bit more seriously (than I have over the last decade.) I recently changed all my social media descriptions and what not to the title of “Content Creator.” Not only did I think it had a certain amount of gravitas to it but I assumed it described to a great ability what I do. Taking a look at me, I love coffee, wear a shoulder bag and I’m agnostic in my craft across photo, video and the written word.These are all bit’s of “content” and as the saying goes, “content is king” by my logic I was now more or less I was a King Maker, and who doesn’t want that next to their name. So I went in search of my loyal followers, those who would bow down to their new King Maker. Shedding the inevitable imposter syndrome I looked at why I deserved this title. I’ve perfected what I do over the last few years, followed tutorials, watched endless “10 things you need to know about…” videos on youtube, at this stage I am a self proclaimed expert in content. My Instagram is pushing triple figures (please don’t all rush at once, I’m not sure the servers will take it) and I’ve finally cracked the seemingly perplex algorithm that means big companies send me things so I can tell my loyal followers just how good they are. But alas, I instead found a rather unflattering meme, one that led me to googling content creator memes – note to everyone, if you’re ever feeling amazing about yourself, your passion or hobby, just pair whatever that is with the word “meme”. I can guaranteed there’s a large selection of derogatory illustrations, phrase, T-shirts and other paraphernalia that can knock you off your perch quicker than you can say “one does not simply enjoy what they’re good at.”

So is the content creator dead, should you (and me) be purging all your public profiles of the dreaded title. In a word, no.

Having the ability to create amazing consumable things wether audio or visual is a highly sort after skill in today’s job market. Most job descriptions these days have swapped out  “knowledge of Microsoft office” to “Basic understanding of Creative Cloud.” The art and skill of Content Creation is unfortunately another victim of tall poppy syndrome. Trying to take the Casey Neistats  of the world down a peg or two.

So what do you do to combat this? Rise to the occasion, make content that’s premium and consumable and engaging. Creating is one thing, making something actually worth while of some bytes on the inter-webs is another story altogether. Don’t use the internet as a dumping ground use it as a portfolio of works you’re proud of. Plan, perfect and create!

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