Branded Content…It’s hard to stay original

Every single business who wants to push themselves to a consumer is asking the same question of their desired marketing agency. How do we make branded content? Traditional advertising isn’t working, and to get ROI businesses want the 360-degree treatment. Large businesses at the least expect a post on Instagram, a trending hashtag with a clever alliteration and the host or influencer needs to mention an item that’s in an upcoming catalogue or part of a sale.

But the consumer is too intelligent now, they know when they’re being sold something and the average Joe and Jane will quickly opt out or switch off. Marketer’s are trying their hardest to sneak it through under the consumers nose, branded lower thirds, logos attached to glorious aerial shots, influencers loosely linking a story related to their life which somehow fits into a detox tea or health insurance brand.

These methods work to a certain effect and have become the baseline for branded content, an amalgamation of what’s passable to compromise a good piece of media and keep the client happy. The content creators who will come out above are those who innovate, who take opportunities. Creating parallel viral content. Enter Unscriptd.

            Unscriptd have stood outside the average sports content provider for a long time. A self-confessed “Athlete publishing company” they cover the stories from behind the sport stars. From AFL to NBA, motorsports to bodybuilding it’s not the average content. They’re currently producing some great branded content for the upcoming Lionsgate film The Hitman’s Bodyguard utilising AFL greats Brian “BT” Taylor and Matthew “Richo” Richardson. They took the theme of an unlikely pair having a bit of banter and ran with it, with a series of well shot and produced content pieces. This ancillary content works well and who better to combat tall poppy syndrome than the comedy stylings of Matthew Richardson. Before everyone get’s up in arms about ROI for Roadshow, the brand (in this case the film) is well represented, plastered all over the copy, given a presenting partner, a post roll and a hashtag for good measure. The first piece got more views on Facebook (125K) than the films official page (120K), views that appeal strictly to an Australian (almost only Victorian) audience.

I’ll be the first to admit that at this stage in the branded content market, a lot of brands would want something more traditional. Call to actions from the talent and more vision from the trailer. But Unscriptd has come through to not only make a great piece of content that’s engaging but may translate to ticket sales, approaching an audience that they may never have reached.

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