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About the founder

With just under a decade of video production under his belt, Dale lives and breaths video content. A media professional and Melbourne based creative with stints in roles at Richmond Football Club and the video technology company Big Review TV, Dale has a firm grasp of what it takes to tell a story, and make it look great!

Since graduating from Deakin University Dale has been afforded many amazing opportunities traveling Australia and the world making engaging video content he has produced content for British Airways, Suncorp, Jeep, Yahoo and the Marriott Hotel Chain.

Dale has been a Production Manager for several of BIG Review TV’s departments most recently moving to BIG Cares, the Not For Profit video solution provider.

He loves the opportunity to tell a story, make it unique and keep on top of what’s new fresh and exciting.

“Keep changing, keep fresh, if you’re standing still everyone else will pass you by”


What have we done lately?

What is Nothing Permanent

We’re making content for today’s audiences. In this modern environment you need to stand above the rest to get noticed, and we love getting noticed! We know that every story deserves to be told, and we’ll help you realise yours in the most creatively visual way possible.

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